How It Begun...

Practical Shooting was firstly introduced in our country in 1999, and in 2000 Yugoslavian Practical Shooting Association was established, and already in 2001 became an equal member of the International Confederation of the international practical shooting.

In October 2002, an invitation for the AMHORA CUP was sent to the Detachment, planned to be held on the 26th of October 2002, at SAU base in Batajnica. Due to a heavy rain, the competition was moved to Muš Shooting Range in Novi Beograd and was attended by two Counter Terrorist Detachment`s operators, Raša Lazović and Vladimir Đukanović. In the competition Đukanović won 15th and Lazović 21st place, respectfully, of 24 competitors participating the competition. Regardless the achieved result,

Đukanović and Lazović recognized this sport as something that could positively affect on combat readiness and training of all the operators of the unit.

The idea for the unit to join in this type of sports was molded by the operator, Sergeant Major (Srb. stariji vodnik) Vladimir Đukanović, who presented the idea to the commander, Colonel Stojan Kljajić. On 28th of October 2002 Đukanović suggested the commander to establish a club that would induct only Detachment`s operators and join the competition system of the Yugoslavian IPSC. Colonel Kljajić, after consultations with the officials in the Army, issues an order to Đukanović to carry out this project and in short period possible create a team made of the best and most versatile shooters in the unit. Therefore, it would be right to emphasize that the club`s founders and creators of the idea were Sergeant Major Vladimir Đukanović, Colonel Stojan Kljajić and his deputy, Raša Lazović.

After the selection among operators was completed, the best of the best stood out at the time: Vladimir Đukanović, Raša Lazović, Vukota Đukić, Radosav Nedić and Milorad Grandić, and they were, along with Stojan Kljajić and Rade Lekić, the first members of the club that is going to be officially established on February 26th 2003, officially being introduced to the Yugoslavian Practical Shooting Association under the name “IPSC DMD System”, because of the Army Law at the time forbidding to use the name of the unit in the name of the club. The first president of the “IPSC DMD System” was Stojan Kljajić, and its founders were Vladimir Đukanović and Rade Lekić (secretary).

In 2006, after changes in the Army Law, it was allowed for “Cobras” name, without other words of the unit`s name, to be used in the name of the club.

In 2006, the club`s name was changed to “Practical Shooting Club IPSC Cobras”. At the time, the first officials of the club were chosen with Vladimir Đukanović as the president and Vukota Đukić as secretary. Along with the foundation, the club`s insignia was created which alikes the unit`s official insignia, shaped in a shield with Serbian national flab and cobra wrapped around a sword.


  • State Championship 2018

    Cobra Cup, Požarevac

    In State Championship held from October 20th to 20th our competitors won:
    2. place, "Standard", team
    3. place, "Standard", Nataša Jovanović

  • IV IPSC League Round

    Metak Cup, Kruševac

    In the competition, held in the city of Kruševac, from September 8th to 9th 2018, our competitors won:
    1. place, "Production", team
    1. место, "Production", Miroslav Milovanović
    2. место, "Production", Branislav Bulatović

  • III IPSC League Round


    In third IPSC League Round, held from 14th to 15th of July 2018, our team won second place in Production Division.

  • Montenegro Open 2018 Level III

    Česká zbrojovka Montenegro

    In the international competition held from 30th of June to 1th of July 2018, the following results were achieved:
    1. place, "Standard", Miša Milovanović
    2. place, "Standard", Vladimir Đukanović
    3. place, "Standard", Vukota Đukić
    1. place, "Standard" team

  • Delta Cup Level III

    "Delta" Practical Shooting Club

    In the prestigious international competition held 16-17th of July 2018, our team won fifth place in Production Division.



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